Congrès Raphaël Perrier 2016

Last January was held the second Congress Raphael Perrier to cfa hair & aesthetics of Nantes. 200 hairdressers and 50 schools are combined, to attend various workshops offered around the method Pi by rp and vocational education. In this video, Raphael Perrier explains the interest of this great appointment, who participates in the dynamism and development of the hair in France.


Raphael Perrier has just completed the first PI training manual approved interactive hairstyle and certified by the WTO. This revolutionary learning method offers the possibility to young students in hairdressing (CAP and BP) to discover the methods of cuts and buns designed by Raphael Perrier, leaving room for endless possibilities of artistic creations. PI BY RP is the first interactive training material, playful (video and QR codes), available 24h / 24 and media (smartphone, computer, tablet …).

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